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There s a lot of Minecraft Character rig out there that aims to give the user a good’experience and quality. These rigs come with many different styles and features thatgive the user many options. And that's also the aims of this rig, to give the user a goodquality rig with many features and options to gives the best experience and overallamazing result.This Rig is a customized version of DarthLilo's Shulker Box R1.0.1 Rig. Shulker Box R1 isan amazing advanced Rig created with many features and a good quality body model. Thisrig is a continuation of the now-discontinued LACM Rig (Lilo Advanced Character Model).With that said, what's is this rig? And why it was created?This rig aims to improve the already good Shulker Box R1 with many new features andfixes to improve the overall experience. This rig also carries all the features from theoriginal version with some tweaking. And this rig also developed for the latest version ofBlender and keep updates over time adjusting to the latest version of the software.


This rig is not originally made by me. This Rig is based on the original Shulker Box R1.0.1by DarthLilo. So all credits were to go to the original creator. I'm just customizing andimproving this rig.

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Shulker Box R1 Endeliner007编辑
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