This file contains the BodyChan and BodyKun models by @vinchau, updated with latest features of Rigify and my feature set:

Knee and Elbow IK (feature set): the limbs have a second IK control system, which controls the limb starting at the middle joint, moving the spine and shoulder accordingly to fit the position. It is also possible to force the regular IK limb to be locked straight. This is intended for use in kneeling or crawling poses.Blenrig-Style Spine (feature set): the spine uses the IK control scheme inspired by BlenRig. Generally this may be useful simply as a matter of preference, but this spine mechanism also has the advantage that the Knee IK can apply its effect by moving either the whole spine as a rigid unit or just the hip, controlled with a slider.Mouth Rig (Blender 3.0+ Rigify): the mouth and jaw is now rigged using the new modular face introduced in Blender 3.0. The modularity is applied by only using the mouth and no other face features.Custom Pivots: all IK controls, torso, hips and root have extra pivot controls enabled that allow rotation to be around any point for convenience, specified by moving the control. Feet and hands also have some extra pivot bones specific for them.Held Object Pivot & Finger IK: hands have a child control intended for an object held in hand, and very basic finger IK controls parented to it. Note that the finger IK is intended to be used on top of FK via IK->FK snap to keep the tip locked to the object, instead of independently as for limbs.Uniform Limb Scaling (Blender 3.1+ Rigify): limbs can now be uniformly scaled using the gear bone at the base.Split IK Toe (Blender 3.1+ Rigify): the foot rig has two separate toe controls for IK and FK, which is necessary for 100% correct IK-FK snapping in all situations.Forward Roll on Toe (feature set, experimental for upstream): the IK foot has a slider to also apply forward roll to the toe from its tip, thus rotating the whole foot and toe together when fully enabled.IK->FK Snap With Roll (feature set, experimental for upstream): the IK foot has an extra button that will snap IK to FK, using the heel roll and rock control to preserve the current orientation of the actual IK control as much as possible. The intended use is to rotate the IK control parallel to the ground, and then use the button to finalize the position without rotating it away from the ground plane.Center Of Mass Indicator (feature set): a bone that displays the approximate location of the center of mass, computed purely from bone positioning. It's probably not useful for experienced artists, but might be helpful for beginners studying body balance.

There also the following non-rig changes:

The character collections were reorganized for use with overrides.The models were rescaled to match the usual 1 BU = 1 meter scale better.The file contains two example animations for Knee IK: sitting down on the floor Japanese-style, and a crawl loop.

The file should work in Blender 3.0, but generating the rigs requires 3.1 alpha and my feature set (sub-addon for Rigify). The customized metarig in this file is most similar to the BodyIK/BodyIK Advanced Human metarig provided by the feature set.

Knee/Elbow IK Rig for BodyChan/BodyKun preview image 1

Knee/Elbow IK Rig for BodyChan/BodyKun preview image 2

Knee/Elbow IK Rig for BodyChan/BodyKun preview image 3

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